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> > What I really mean is how do I backup gnucash so I can move my
> > account data files over to another computer and work on everything
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> 'Do wot I do':
> Make sure you have the same GNUcash version on both machines and use 
> dropbox to synchronise and backup the files for you.
> See:
> Then on each machine use gnucash file open to point at the place in
> the drop box for your account files. Something like:
> my documents/dropbox/company-name
> I have dropbox on my laptop so I can take my GnuCash accounts
> off-site too.

Not sure if I would put my financial data on dropbox. They don't encrypt
your data at all.

Something similiar with a much more secure and more flexible concept is It has end to end encryption, you can use your own
webdav server if you wish to (nevertheless 1 GB free space is included
with the free version), you can choose which directory to syncronize,
unlimited version history, etc.


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