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Thu Nov 19 09:19:45 EST 2009

Considering the govt. controlled Bank of America;

I'm still using Quicken.  Everytime you start up Quicken some nonsense about
Quicken being "powered by Bank of America" appears.  That BOA got billions
of our dollars so that their crummy business could continue (instead of
failing as it should) is the primary reason I want to get away from those
illegitimate children (get it?) at Quicken.

Let the weak banks fail.  Free markets work.  Govt. managed and controlled
markets FAIL.  Privatize gain.....socialize loss.  That's their motto.

On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 3:04 AM, T. Howell-Cintron <lists at>wrote:

> David Reiser wrote:
> > Unfortunately, the stone age is coming back in bank downloads
> > in open source. The banking oversight folks in the U.S. decreed
> > that banks must use multifactor authentication for online access
> > to customer's bank records. Intuit has taken the opportunity to
> > make proprietary the login phase of transaction connections. Just
> > last weekend Chase, under the guise of "enhancing Chase Online,"
> > disabled their old servers that did ofx directconnect. Now,
> > Quicken connects to Chase through an Intuit intermediary, using
> > authentication that does not match prior login procedures and
> > is not completely discernable from ofx logs available in quicken.
> I am, unfortunately, a Chase customer afflicted by the plague of changes
> made to their interfaces for online banking.  My OFX downloads aren't
> even sufficient for me to match up to hand-edited transactions I glean
> from their website.  It's a sad state of affairs.
> -- Tom

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