Online banking setup

Mike Leone turgon at
Fri Nov 20 10:14:54 EST 2009

brad had this to say:
> Is this going to be the case for all banks/credit cards?   If quicken is
> the only option for direct connect aren't there some monopoly issues
> with that?
> I was suspecting that about chase, I can't get to my Chase CC anymore.
> I don't use the GC/Aqbanking feature (I could never get it to work), & I
> don't use 'online banking', but I do like to import OFX data from my CC
> and 401k.  I use and import the OFX.  If I have to go thru all
> the web browser steps that's going to be a big pain.  Anyone know of a
> good webscraper that would be good for this?

Any webscraper will certainly break within a few months, when the 
website changes (as websites are wont to do - being static in the 
digital age is a pretty sure way of appearing to be behind the times).

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