Sorry to say Good-bye to GnuCash

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Fri Nov 20 11:41:59 EST 2009

>I'm using GnuCash since years. Never had a corrupt data file. I don't
>know, what happend to you, but the general statement 'GnuCash corrupts
>data files often.' is definitely incorrect, otherwise this issue would
>arise frequently on this list.
I'll second that.

But there is an important issue here. Apparently there is SOMETHING a 
few people do that results in corrupt files. To the extent that GnuCash 
doesn't prevent them from doing this POSSIBLY a GnuCash problem (trust 
me, there are some sorts of things done wrong causing problems that no 
program could prevent). If instead people having problems of this sort 
would work with us instead of dashing away because "GnuCash is buggy" 
(instead of assuming that) perhaps we could find out.

There is also the problem of people using "testing versions". A 
documentation issues? Not stringent enough warnings posted "THIS IS A 
TEST VERSION" (do not expect it to be correct in all respects. If it 
were, if testing were complete, would be released as a "stable" version. 
GnuCash is not the only application where apparently many end users 
simply don't understand what "beta" or even worse, "alpha" mean. And 
that the team standards (what those mean) might differ project to 
project. Thus in addition to knowing whether in "beta" or still in 
"alpha" might need to know WHY. Best advice for end users, if you want a 
reasonable expectation of trouble free STICK TO STABLE.

Michael D Novack, FLMI

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