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On Nov 22, 2009, at 3:18 PM, Jerry wrote:

> While using GunCash in Windows 2000, I had to go into the libofx-3.dll file with a hexadecimal editor and change the APPID to 1800 to get my National City transactions to download automatically from my bank.   I was able to derive this information somewhere on the web (I forgot where) and it worked for me.

It is mentioned at

> Now, I'm apparently having the same type of problem with GnuCash 2.2.9 running on Kubuntu 9.10.   So, my question is:   How do I get to the proper file to change the APPID within my Kubuntu Linux system?  Do I also have to use a hexadecimal editor, the command line or what?   I saw several files with the libofx designation, but when I opened them up, I could not spot the APPID so far.  It's too bad this documentation is not better covered by the GnuCash programmers.   I think that's why some people just give up because they have to search far and wide for answers.

Recent versions of aqbanking (3.6 and later, I think. Current aqbanking is 4.something) allow you to set APPVER and APPID in the aqbanking setup wizard. These days, aqbanking manages its own direct connections vs. handing them off to libofx. So check in the online banking setup wizard under the OFX settings for "Users" (bank login IDs).

I think the windows version of gnucash is still using aqbanking 2.3.3 -- quite old. I'd be surprised if a Kubuntu package was using something older than aqbanking 3.8.

> Thanks, if anyone can assist.   --Jerry

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