Only January in GC after move from Linux to Mac

Maf. King maf at
Wed Nov 25 08:18:05 EST 2009

On Wednesday 25 November 2009 10:56:14 James Wilde wrote:
> Hi:
> I ran GC on Ubuntu (several versions over the course of time) problem. 
> Recently I moved to a Macintosh and loaded over all my files from the GC
> directory.
> Now, when I start GC on the Mac, I only see transactions for January
> although I have entered transactions up to and including July.
> I see all the datetime.log and datetime.xac files in my directory, but I
> also see files with the name datetime.xac.datetime.log and
> datetime.xac.datetime.xac as these:

HI James,

The "double timestamp" files are backups of an edited backup file.

It looks to me that your original file was called Accounts, and for some 
reason you started to use the backup file as your main file, possibly on 1st 
or 22nd Sept.

Suggest that you look for the newest .xac.....xac file, and see if any of your 
missing txns are in that backup backup.

You can just rename the .xac file which you want to continue to use, so that 
it is just called Accounts (or whatever suits you) 


> -rw-r--r-- 1 james james   6226 2009-08-15 22:24
> Accounts.20090815222829.xac -rw-r--r-- 1 james james   2093 2009-08-15
> 22:30 Accounts.20090815222831.log -rw-r--r-- 1 james james 237853
> 2009-10-16 19:24 Accounts.20090815223015.xac -rw-r--r-- 1 james james  
> 3358 2009-09-22 19:08 Accounts.20090815223015.xac.20090922185003.log
> -rw-r--r-- 1 james james 167210 2009-09-01 19:19
> Accounts.20090815223015.xac.20090922191326.xac
> I'm wondering if the files have somehow become corrupt - later I'll be
> going back to the machine they came from to see what I have there, but it's
> in use and running Windows at the moment.  Also I can't find any
> information about the files with a double name, like the last two in the
> sample above.
> If anyone can help, I'd be grateful.
> //James

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