Only January in GC after move from Linux to Mac

Maf. King maf at
Wed Nov 25 10:08:08 EST 2009

On Wednesday 25 November 2009 14:52:46 James Wilde wrote:
> Thanks, Maf.
> Actually the latest xac file was one with a simple name, and was one of the
> largest if not the largest.  I renamed it to Accounts, opened GC and
> checked several accounts, and now I'm back.
> I must have missed something in connection with all these log and xac
> files.  Am I supposed to do some hands-on meddling when I do a backup?  I
> assumed that, like, say, an Oracle database, when I made a backup, they
> would disappear, but they just seem, like Betsy, they 'growed and growed'.
> I'd better start reading the manual again.
> Anyway, I'm back on track, and I'll copy that file (which I made in my
> linux vm) over to the Mac and see if it works there, too.  Although I must
> say it's a bit worrying that it was so hard, if not impossible, to read a
> log file on the Mac.   Maybe I'll stay with the linux vm where I feel safe.
> //James

Hi James,

Cool, glad you didn't lose a year's worth of data.

The .xac files are created automatically each time you do a Save of the main 
data file.  The log files are "diffs" between the two data files.  (Log 
replay can apparently be a real PITA, although I don't think I've ever needed 
There is an option somewhere in preferences about how long (in days) to keep 
the .xac and .log files.


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