Transactions not appearing correctly

Ken kmailuk at
Sat Nov 28 11:08:50 EST 2009

Hi. I am having a strange problem with some transactions.  I have
attached an image of an example.

In the top part of the picture you will see I entered a transaction to
Buy 50 shares of FXY which costs 4,706 from my brokerage account.

The bottom part of the picture shows the line in the brokerage account
but you will see that all the transaction value fields are blank.

I have created some test transactions but they appear to work
correctly.  I can not understand why GnuCash is showing the values of
the transactions correctly in the register of the stock but not
correctly in the register for the brokerage account for this
transaction (but does work for some test transactions).

Has anyone experienced this issue and know a solution?

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