Add transaction price to Advanced Portfolio

Yunwei Wang yunwwang at
Sun Nov 29 17:22:37 EST 2009

I am new for GNUCash (v. 2.2.9 on Windows7). Just started to use it
today. Now I met a problem for my 401K account. The funds offered in
my 401K portfolio are not public traded fund. So I cannot download
fund price automatically. That leaves me only one choice if I want to
check my 401k returns in Advanced Portfolio. But to add price for
hundreds transaction is tedious. And I assume that in the future, I
have to do this manual entry every time I have new transactions. I am
wondering, it is possible to add transaction price to price db (or use
in the portfolio report) automatically just like what MS Money does.

Another question. The Advanced Portfolio gives only total returns. Is
it possible to get 1-year, 3-year and 5-year return?

Thank you

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