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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 14 11:58:37 EDT 2010


Mike Evans <mikee at> writes:

>> > New patch seems to work fine.
>> Excellent.  Does this mean it can be merged into gnucash before 2.4, or
>> does the string freeze prevent that? 
> Really not sure.  It's not my code, it's Sebastian's, although I have
> a patch for it to fix some minor issues.  I think it could be further
> augmented to give more flexibility too.  As a user I can write a
> script to massage any sales application exports to suit the format.  I
> guess the string freeze will be an issue too as, it would need the
> strings to be made translatable and accepted into trunk.  Again, not
> my code even though it's GPL.  It has a fixed csv field sequence so
> may not be universally useful.  I have no idea whether Sebastian wants
> it included in the build, or whether the devel team want it included,
> or whether my patches (unfinished) to the patch are acceptable.  I
> suggest you try it out and mail here with your views.  That
> presupposes that you are able to compile from sources.  Use a backup
> data file for testing obviously.
> It's written as a plugin and  I'm not sure if plugins are part of the core 
> code or what the procedure is for including them is, although it does require 
> changes to configure and some makefiles.

Many plugins are still part of the core code.

As for the string freeze....  That's a good question.  I think it would
be up to Phil to decide what to do, but more likely it's missed the
train for 2.4.0.

> Personally I was more looking for purchase order input.  I buy electronic 
> components, mechanical parts etc. and I wanted a way to export, say Farnell's 
> or RS's order form into GnuCash.  With a little editing and a translation 
> script Sebastian's code should do that too.  Not for stock control, just for 
> auditing purposes.  He's done most of the work, just needs a tweaking a bit.
> Mike E


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