aqbanking crashes during setup

John Ralls jralls at
Tue Jun 22 12:32:56 EDT 2010

On Jun 21, 2010, at 8:50 PM, Martin Cunningham wrote:

> still crashes. here's what i typed into terminal:
> Last login: Sun Jun 20 21:26:23 on ttys000
> Martin-Cunninghams-iMac:~ martin$ rm -rf .banking
> Martin-Cunninghams-iMac:~ martin$ rm -rf .gnucash
> Martin-Cunninghams-iMac:~ martin$ quit
> -bash: quit: command not found
> Martin-Cunninghams-iMac:~ martin$ 
> note that it didn't like 'quit'
> next i opened gnucash and the user that had been there was gone. also, the account tree had collapsed to the highest level. aqbanking keeps crashing during user setup, however.

Sorry, I should have said "exit" instead of "quit". No matter, though, it's only to quit the shell before you quit Terminal.

The only other suggestion that I can offer is to download, which has a much more current version of aqbanking. If that crashes too, post the new crash dump and perhaps the aqbanking developers (who monitor this list; one of them is very active in developing Gnucash as well) can see what's wrong. 

2.3 is an "unstable" build, so I can't recommend that you use it for real work; in fact, you should make a backup copy of your accounting file before you run it. Not only that, but the aqbanking configuration is different, so you won't be able to go back and use your new user and account in 2.2.9. I'm just hoping that whatever is messed up with your system will also crash the new code and that that might help diagnose the problem.

John Ralls

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