gnucash 2.2.9 for Fedora 13

Stephen J. Gowdy gowdy at
Wed Jun 23 18:14:46 EDT 2010

Hi All,
 	So earlier today (on the gnucash-user list) I asked if I should 
actually use 2.3.13 that came with Fedora 13. Reading between the lines I 
think the answer was it should be fine but it is a development release so 
you are on your own if things go wrong.
 	So I tried taking the SRPM from Fedora 12 and building it. THe 
only problem was with gnc-html-graph-gog. I tried applying a patch from 
SVN but that was obviously from a later version of gnucash and that didn't 
apply well;

I also tried using the latest version of these files, again no joy. I then 
found this patch;

 	It seems to just remove this the use of this file while also 
allowing it to compile for some reason. gnucash starts up fine with this 
but doesn't produce graphs. I guess that is expected and actually okay for 
me as I don't use the graphs very often (willing to wait for 2.4.0 to get 
that feature back).
 	So, the question is would you agree this is a safe patch to use? 
Is it worth putting up the gnucash RPMs/SRPM somewhere?



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