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> Hi,
> I have a question with Cash Flow Report.  It's best explained via an example:
> I have a Expense Category / Account called Classes.
> I sometimes pay for classes via my checking account (Assets) or credit card (currently set up as Liability).
> When I view the Cash Flow Report, only the $'s paid for Classes using my Checking Account is listed as Expenses:Classes.
> The $'s paid out of my credit card is added into Liabilities:Credit Card.
> How do I get the Cash Flow report to list out everything paid for Classes to be listed in Expenses:Classes.

Hi Manoj,

Cash Flow report shows the actual "flow" of Cash from your account.
When you pay for classes through your Credit Card, there is no "outflow" of Cash as such. You are just accumulating more liability into your Credit Card. The Cash Flow report will only show the dollars when you actually pay of your Credit Card bill from your Bank Account.

If you have to see the expenses under the "Expenses:Classes" P&L account then you should just setup a Expense report.


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