Portable 2.4?

Jhonnatan Perkins jhonperkins at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 03:25:58 EST 2011

Hello all.

Happy new year!

Has anyone heard or read or actually downloaded a portable 2.4?
I literally got my heart throbbing after I saw the front page and realized
more than a week ago finally a new stable version was released, after a
couple (?) of years!!!

But I am using GnuCash Portable, from portableapps.com, since I see no use
in installing it, and now i see that it hasn't been updated.

I'd cook myself one, but to be honest I feel rather clumsy because of the
whole Gnome framework (or whatever framework) dependencies on win32 and all
that could go wrong etc etc, plus I never tried to make something portable
before and probably will just be a waste of my time to get it working! (Or
could be easy as pie too!).

Thanks for your time.

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