Using account codes in transactions

Katona Gábor katonag at
Sat Jan 1 14:00:50 EST 2011

Yes, what you have written is also a feature that would increase
productivity and I also miss that. But what I have written is a bit
different, because this would be a hierarchical search of account codes,
just like GnuCash has at the moment for account names. If you start
typing expenses, pressing : after ex, expenses is filled, and pressing :
after f food is filled. So it works for account names, but I would need
this for account codes, without the additional press of :

2011-01-01 19:39 keltezéssel, Ryan Flegel írta:
> I'd like to see a feature like this, too.
> It would be nice if I could start typing "Milk", for example, and
> "Expenses:Food:Milk" would appear in the dropdown. Basically, it would
> act as a search instead of having to be an absolute path.

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