Using account codes in transactions

Anthony Dardis adardis at
Sat Jan 1 14:07:06 EST 2011

completing based on inverting the account hierarchy could be nice ...

for Gábor: do you need to use account numbers? If you use names, you can  
use GnuCash's current completion strategy, and then type something like


and GnuCash will get you to the milk account

On Sat, 01 Jan 2011 13:39:08 -0500, Ryan Flegel <rflegel at> wrote:

> I'd like to see a feature like this, too.
> It would be nice if I could start typing "Milk", for example, and
> "Expenses:Food:Milk" would appear in the dropdown. Basically, it would
> act as a search instead of having to be an absolute path.

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