Using account codes in transactions

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On 2011-01-01, at 13:06, Katona Gábor wrote:

> […]
> 500 - expenses (placeholder)
> |- 510 Food (placeholder)
>   |- 511 Milk
>    - 512 Meat
> When adding a transaction I can type the account code in the transfer
> field and after a Tab GnuCash fills the account name correctly. However,
> to use this feature I have to know the account code exactly! This is not
> too realistic. More precisely, it is rather unrealistic if you have more
> than a few accounts.

I use account codes starting with a number (0), then the first letter (or couple of letters, for disambiguation) of each level in the accounts tree. So for your example above, for Expenses:Food:Milk I would use 0efmi; and for Expenses:Food:Meat I would use 0efme. GnuCash doesn’t offer to complete account codes right now, but it may be done in future if someone decides to scratch that itch.

I found out some time ago that GC account codes have to start with a number (probably to distinguish them from account names), but after the first number they can have letters in them.

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