Gnucash 2.4.0 (Windows)

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I had updated my hosts file as I needed Localhost to be for
another reason; it had nothing to do with running Gnucash 2.4

I'm wondering whether the localhost differences noticed by Dave is more to
do with the Windows version than anything else, does Ultimate operate DNS
etc differently to Home Premium? There is some useful stuff here

I know on my Windows 7 Home Premium machine localhost was not accessible
unless I changed the hosts file.

I guess the plot thickens and needs some testing against a proper plan, do
we have a volunteer?


I have another laptop running Win 7 Enterprise which has the same hosts file
on it and no probs there either.  Perhaps a difference in the home version
of Win 7 as opposed to the Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate versions?  I
seem to recall there are some networking limits imposed in the home versions
that are not present in the other versions.

Cheers Dave.

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