Saving data before upgrading to 2.4

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Sun Jan 2 16:04:19 EST 2011


On 2010-12-30, at 23:37, Bob Plantz wrote:

> I'm running 2.3.9 on Windows 7. I downloaded gnucash-2.4.0-setup.exe.
> There was a warning on the download page saying that I "should uninstall
> any earlier GnuCash version...prior to installing 2.4.0.”

That warning has actually been removed now. The 2.4.0 installer automatically uninstalls earlier versions for you. See [1].

> How do I
> preserve all the data I've already entered into gnucash over the years?

You need to know the name and location of your main GnuCash data file. Then simply copy that file to a safe backup location and go ahead with the upgrade. See [2] to locate your data file.

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