Reducing File Size

Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Jan 5 04:54:54 EST 2011

On 4 January 2011 14:48, Mike C. <subscribe307 at> wrote:
> Thanks for your response.  I don't have a problem renaming My
> database is .gnucash which I assume is XML and I can have it compressed
> or uncompressed.

I don't think your database is .gnucash, that is the folder where your
gnucash settings are stored.  Your database is a file having the name
shown in the window title bar when you run GnuCash.  I am not sure
whether there is a direct way of finding where you have saved it from
within GnuCash, I would have expected it to be in File > Properties
but it does not seem to be there.  It seems that if you do File > Save
As (but don't actually save it) then the save dialog will open in the
directory containing your database.  You will know when you have found
the correct folder because it will also be full of .log and .xac
files.  You can also check the date/time of the file when you have
found it to make sure it is the right one.


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