Reducing File Size

Mike C. subscribe307 at
Wed Jan 5 08:11:42 EST 2011

I didn't mean the database was in .gnucash.  It is located in My
Documents but has a file extension .gnucash for the versions 2.4 files. 
The 2.2.9 files have no extension.

On 1/5/2011 3:54 AM, Colin Law wrote:
> On 4 January 2011 14:48, Mike C. <subscribe307 at> wrote:
>> Thanks for your response.  I don't have a problem renaming My
>> database is .gnucash which I assume is XML and I can have it compressed
>> or uncompressed.
> I don't think your database is .gnucash, that is the folder where your
> gnucash settings are stored.  Your database is a file having the name
> shown in the window title bar when you run GnuCash.  I am not sure
> whether there is a direct way of finding where you have saved it from
> within GnuCash, I would have expected it to be in File > Properties
> but it does not seem to be there.  It seems that if you do File > Save
> As (but don't actually save it) then the save dialog will open in the
> directory containing your database.  You will know when you have found
> the correct folder because it will also be full of .log and .xac
> files.  You can also check the date/time of the file when you have
> found it to make sure it is the right one.
> Colin

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