reconcile account containing arbitrary categories

... offonoffoffonoff at
Wed Jan 5 20:35:03 EST 2011

I have divided my checking account into several sub accounts for budgeting
purposes.  It is more practical for our purposes than the budgeting tools
gnucash has.

Anyways, as well as this works,it is difficult to reconcile with the bank
records because transactions are spread across the various sub accounts.

I have tried using the include subaccounts with the reconcile function.  I
have also viewed the account with "view sub accounts".  neither show me the
running balance that my bank statement has.  It is much much easier to
reconcile if I can see where GNU cash and my bank disagree about the balance
of the account.

Is there a way to see a flattened account with the running total of the
entire account?  or is there a more effective way to use the reconcile
function that helps incase I mis entered something?


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