reconcile account containing arbitrary categories

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Thu Jan 6 17:10:33 EST 2011

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 9:35 PM, Anthony Dardis <adardis at> wrote:

> Hmm. That's what "Include subaccounts" is supposed to do. What happens when
> you check that?
Maybe I am not using the reconcile function correctly.  I just get two
separate lists, one income and the other outgone, and I can check off which
transactions actually happened. It does include the subaccounts, but it
doesn't show me how each transaction effects the total balance, and it
inconveniently separates the income and outgone.

What I was doing to reconcile before I made the sub accounts, without using
the reconcile function, was to just compare the bank statement with the
checking account account.  The transactions would be ordered by date and I
could see the account total after each transaction and compare that with the
bank statement.

That works fine unless the account contains sub accounts, then I only see
transactions that were made from the parent account but not the sub
accounts.  When I "open subaccounts" rather than "open account" from the
main account list, I get all the transactions but not a running balance
after each transaction, which is so helpful in reconciling.


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