equity fund accounts

Anthony Dardis adardis at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 09:35:26 EST 2011

There was a long-ish thread about doing this in December. The very short  
version might go like this: no problem. Just create the various  
sub-accounts under the account where the money "really" lives: you might  
have a savings account that represents what the bank has, then  
sub-accounts under that for the various designated purposes. When you  
reconcile the main savings account, make sure to check "include  
sub-accounts". (Also, if, on the main Accounts page, you right-click on  
the name of the main account, one option is to "Open sub-accounts"; you  
get a display of all the transactions for all the sub-accounts of the main  

Hope that helps,

On Sun, 09 Jan 2011 08:46:44 -0500, Marilyn Graves Kimple  
<mgkimple at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Actually, what I am trying to do is divide my 'equity' into sub-accounts  
> which are really designated savings, for donations or future car  
> expenses, or annual expenses like property taxes and insurance, for  
> example. Then when I pay my property tax bill, for example, it comes  
> directly out of an equity account instead of expenses.

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