Having difficulty transferring Gnucash accounts from a Windows machine to a Linux machine

Derek Atkins derek at ihtfp.com
Sun Jan 9 13:03:07 EST 2011


On Sun, January 9, 2011 12:49 pm, Richard Cuff wrote:
> Greetings -
> I am new to the list; I've used Gnucash for over a year now, so I
> understand the program itself reasonably well.  I love using it and
> would be disappointed if I had to abandon its uage.
> I have been using it on a Windows XP computer; the Gnucash version I'm
> using on that windows PC is v2.2.9.
> I am attempting to transfer the files to a computer running Mepis
> Linux 8; I downloaded and installed version 2.2.6 (that's the version
> provided for this Linux distrubution).
> I have the data file successfully moved over and adjusted the file
> permissions.
> I can open the file on the Mepis Linux machine and get the list of
> accounts, but when I attempt to open an individual account, Gnucash
> abruptly closes with no warning or error message.
> The application log file is huge - 4.7 MB - so I didn't think you'd
> want it all posted here.
> Should I look for specific entries to help troubleshoot the process?
> Or should I simply export account files via QIF etc. and them import them?

Version 2.2.6 has a number of known bugs.  You should definitely upgrade
to at least 2.2.9 (if not 2.4.0!).  The abruptly-closing with no warning
or error message implies a crash, and there were a bunch of known crashers
in 2.2.6.

So upgrade to 2.2.9 and try again.  If Mepis cannot provide you a release
of gnucash from 2 years ago (Feb 23, 2009) then you might consider a
different distribution.

> Thanks in advance -
> RIchard in Allentown, PA  USA

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