Locking Tabs

Colin Scott gnucash at double-bars.net
Mon Jan 10 05:47:00 EST 2011

One of the frequently raised topics in this list is the rather .. shall we say .. eccentric arrangements currently in place for the management of custom reports, of which I have, I must admit, been a frequent critic, although I accept that putting something more appropriate in place will be a reasonably major undertaking.

One workaroud which has often been suggested to me, and that I currently practice, is simply to keep any relevant report open, thus ensuring that I retain the report settings I need.  Whilst this is only a workaround, it actually serves my purpose well, and it is anyway useful to have the reports available for ready inspection.

That said, there is on problem:  I have a habit (and not just when using GnuCash!), when I have finished reading something, of automatically closing down the window, panel or tab that it is in.  This is a bad habit of my own, but it can be very irritating if done with one of my "permanent" report tabs, as it means I must then reconstruct the report to include all the little changes that I may have made to the settings since I last saved it.

It has occurred to me more than once that it would be helpful to be able to "lock" any individual tab so that it cannot be closed without either a specific confirmation or - better - first removing the lock.  It should also be easy to implement ... !

Any views on whether this is a sensible or helpful suggestion?


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