AW: AW: sql query to link invoice payments to invoice id?

Derek Atkins derek at
Mon Jan 10 11:55:53 EST 2011

On Mon, January 10, 2011 11:35 am, David G. Hamblen wrote:
> On 01/10/2011 11:25 AM, Jannick Asmus wrote:
>> Derek Atkins wrote:
>>>> This seems to be a problem at the moment. I will think how I can
>>>> handle this.
>>> Write your report in the Gnucash Scheme language and it'll be much
>>> easier as the data will already be bound together for you!
>> ... if I only could understand Scheme. I learned the basics of sql
>> yesterday which was, say, reasonable. I'll see ...
> Would it be appropriate for new reports,etc to be written in a
> standalone SQL helper application which gnucash could call (in the same
> way that aqbanking works)?  That way those skilled in SQL could generate
> reports independent of all the ins and outs of gnucash.

No, it would not be appropriate at this time.  The default storage format
is still XML File.  Reports should be written using the GnuCash API
(either in Scheme, so it can be integrated into the application, or using
the Python bindings if you don't care about integration).

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