invoice payments amount doesn't match after changes to invoice

John Griessen john at
Tue Jan 18 20:04:07 EST 2011

I had some mistakes on invoices (too much sales tax), so I unposted, changed and reposted several invoices
making their totals smaller.  Now my customer report is good, but the amount to pay
that pops up when you select business-->pay invoice starting from an invoice is off from that.

It seems that something bad happened when I hand edited the gnucash file :-)

I've taken to marking  reconciles with a "c" in the reconciled state column, then searching the gnucash
file for the string ">c<" and changing it to >y<  when I want to redo a reconciled item.

Sure, it's a no-no.  I did it though.

So, is there anything to do to repair this situation, or should I start a new gnucash file
and lose all my customer data?

Meanwhile I am ignoring the hints in  business-->pay invoice dialog, printable invoice payments shown,
and receivable aging.  They're all affected.

John Griessen
using version 2.2.9 debian package

will a migration to the newest source code build cure all?

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