Is there a way to turn off quickfill?

Marilyn Graves Kimple mgkimple at
Sun Jan 16 09:25:22 EST 2011

On Jan 16, 2011, at 9:16 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:

> On Sun, January 16, 2011 9:03 am, Marilyn Graves Kimple wrote:
>> I find quickfill to be very annoying and I can find nothing in the
>> documentation about turning it off. I would appreciate any help.
> Sorry, no.  But what about quickfill / autocomplete do you not like?  It's
> there as a tool because most transactions with the same description are
> generally similar in style.

I have, for example, drug store transactions where there might be several prescription drugs. I am afraid I may get confused. I guess the trick is to just keep tabbing and write over what is there. As long as I know I am stuck with it I will need to adapt.

> If you really don't want it to autocomplete then just add an extra space
> at the end of the description, or make the description unique.

Thanks for your reply-- mgk

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