Another one unhappy with quickfill

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Issues with Quickfill have come up numerous times over the years, in much the same way (see for example

As I said back then, I personally find Quickfill annoying in its implementation; if you import transactions from online sources and they are all DESCRIBED IN CAPITAL LETTERS, the user MUST TYPE IN THE ENTIRE STRING AGAIN, and then add a spurious character at the end to get their modification entered. That (as I noted in the earlier thread) is the opposite of quick entry. Anti-Quickfill, if you will.

I would love it if Gnucash's Quickfill had ways for users to work with the Quickfill settings, or have Quickfill ignore imported transactions when populating the Quickfill database.

I put up with Quirkfill (pun intended), but it sure would be nice if it could be improved. Of course, IANAP.


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> On Sunday 16 January 2011, Paul
> Abrahams wrote:
> > Derek asked, "What is it about quickfill that you
> don't like?"  Well,
> > sometimes it will create a split transaction because I
> once had one but
> > don't want one any longer.  And filling in
> a  split when it really isn't
> > one is a lot of unnecessary work.  Even making
> the split go away is
> > unnecessary labor.
> > 
> > I can understand the arguments for quickfill, but what
> I don't understand
> > is why it isn't optional, given that many people
> dislike it.  It shouldn't
> > be that difficult to do.
> Quite frankly, you're the second person I hear complaining
> about it. I have 
> some difficulty calling that "many".
> As for making the quickfill feature optional (assuming for
> now that doing so 
> is a good idea), that is likely not too difficult, but
> still someone has to do 
> it...
> Geert
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