Another one unhappy with quickfill

Randy Orrison randy.orrison at
Mon Jan 17 07:53:01 EST 2011

The only complaint that I have with QuickFill is this: usually I work in 
Basic Ledger view; sometimes I'll switch to Auto-Split view so that I 
can enter a description for the lines.  And sometimes I'll find that 
I've been using QuickFill in Basic Ledger view and it has been filling 
in a split description that only should have applied once.

For example: enter a payment to Waterstones in Basic view - (to account 
Expenses.Books - I can't remember and don't care which books).  Enter 
another to Waterstones, but this time go into Auto-Split and put the 
name of the book in the Description field on the split line.  Go back to 
Basic Mode and enter a few more payments to Waterstones in Basic view 
without bothering to fill in the split lines.  Now view Transaction 
Journal and the name of the book you entered once is in all of the 
subsequent lines.

Actually, I do have another problem, although it's more about how 
switching from Basic to Auto-Split works.  Start entering a transaction 
in Basic view, enter date, payee, and amount, then switch to Auto-Split 
view.  The splits now show the QuickFilled amounts, and henceforth the 
amount you entered in Basic view is ignored.  You have to change both of 
the QuickFilled amounts, which means typing the same amount three times.

Overall, though, I wouldn't consider myself unhappy with QuickFill, and 
I wouldn't turn it off if that were an option.


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