Another one unhappy with quickfill

Robert Kesterson robertk at
Mon Jan 17 09:46:41 EST 2011

On Mon, 17 Jan 2011 06:53:01 -0600, Randy Orrison  
<randy.orrison at> wrote:
> The only complaint that I have with QuickFill is this: usually I work in  
> Basic Ledger view; sometimes I'll switch to Auto-Split view so that I  
> can enter a description for the lines.  And sometimes I'll find that  
> I've been using QuickFill in Basic Ledger view and it has been filling  
> in a split description that only should have applied once.

I'll second that.  I tend to not use the description field at all for  
exactly that reason.

> Overall, though, I wouldn't consider myself unhappy with QuickFill, and  
> I wouldn't turn it off if that were an option.

I agree with that also.

   Robert Kesterson
   robertk at

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