aqbanking wizard failing to match online account with gnucash account (non html version)

Donald Coleman don at
Mon Jan 17 08:02:02 EST 2011

(sorry, I was sending an html formatted message, which had all contents 
deleted, and this now is also not digitally signed)

The online banking options are grayed out for an account after I have 
matched it with an aqbanking account.  This is my first and only account 
in aqbanking.

System : Snow Leopard, macports, gnucash 2.4.0 built from r19974M on 
2011-01-16, aqbanking 4.2.4

 From gnucash, I run "Tools/Online Banking Setup", click on "Start 
AqBanking Wizard", and successfully create an aqbanking user, "Get 
Accounts" succeeds, and the aqbanking account is created... I click on 
apply, forward, etc. and end up at the "Match Online Banking accounts 
with GnuCash accounts" window.

It shows an account "XXXXXXXX at (code (null))" for Online 
Banking Account Name.
I then  select the account I want it match to ... in this case an 
E*Trade brokerage account, click on Forward and then Apply.

After all that, when I go into the account I matched it with, all the 
menu items under "Actions/Online Actions" are grayed out.

Note that in the distant past I had online banking working with this 
account, but at some point (more then a year ago) my aqbanking 
configuration in gnucash disappeared after an upgrade -- and I now 
notice my .aqbanking directory contains both a settings.conf file 
(modification date from 2009) and a settings directory.

Below I've added the block of data in the accounts file for this account.

Any suggestions/ideas/help?


<gnc:account version="2.0.0">
<act:name>E*Trade Brokerage</act:name>
<act:id type="guid">8b1ef64e5a96e434ffd9320d05e118b6</act:id>
<slot:value type="string">Not Set</slot:value>
<slot:value type="string"> XXXX-XXXX</slot:value>
<slot:value type="string">1008</slot:value>
<slot:value type="frame">
<slot:value type="integer">5</slot:value>
<slot:value type="string">XXXXXXXX</slot:value>
<slot:value type="timespec">
<ts:date>2009-05-25 00:00:00 +0200</ts:date>

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