Another one unhappy with quickfill

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I've been using GnuCash for about 3 years - it is a great product, and 
immeasurably superior to Quicken! However, I agree that while quirkfill 
(I liked the Freudian slip) is generally useful, in certain cases it can 
be more of a problem than a help.

My Gripe!
One of my most numerous transactions is the purchase of groceries. 
Occasionally (one a month?) I also pay a utility at the supermarket - so 
then I have a split - but the other 99 transactions I capture for the 
supermarket do not have a split!
So (unfortunately) 99 times out of a hundred I have to delete the split 
that GnuCash has remembered (very conveniently - and I am not being 
sarcastic).  For the other 150+? types of transaction I enter, quickfill 
makes life very easy & fast!

So, it would be nice if there was a way to 'lock' a transaction template 
in quickfill, or be able to delete it's history.

Oweson Flynn
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> Derek asked, "What is it about quickfill that you don't like?"  Well, sometimes
> it will create a split transaction because I once had one but don't want one
> any longer.  And filling in a  split when it really isn't one is a lot of
> unnecessary work.  Even making the split go away is unnecessary labor.
> I can understand the arguments for quickfill, but what I don't understand is
> why it isn't optional, given that many people dislike it.  It shouldn't be
> that difficult to do.
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> I agree that quick fill should be optional.  Mostly it annoys me, esp.
> when entering a transaction that shares initial letters or the first
> word.  I suspect that such features for "ease" also make for mental
> sloppiness and errors of another order.
> Linde

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