call for mailing list moderators

Josh Sled jsled at
Mon Jan 17 18:13:40 EST 2011

(CC'ing the lists on the response as I'd guess others have the same question…)

Robin Chattopadhyay <robinraymn at> writes:
> What exactly is involved? Approving new users joining/leaving?

The membership management is all self-service, actually.

Messages sent to the lists from addresses not subscribed to the list are
held for moderation.  There's a web interface to these messages. The
task is to scan through the list of sender names and message subject
lines, and click "approve" on the ones that are not spam.  Sometimes
you'll need to look at the message body itself, but often it is obvious
just from the sender and subject line.

Every once in a while, someone will send an administrative request
(subscribe, unsubscribe, &c.) to the list, and I take a moment or two to
write them a note pointing them to the URL for performing such tasks.

Every once in a while someone will have an inquiry about their
membership status, or questions about why they can't seem to

There's probably about 200 messages/day to review between the two lists,
of which 1-5 will be ham.  It only takes a few minutes to scan and
process a day's worth of moderation requests.

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