A quickfill problem and an enhancement suggestion

Paul Abrahams abrahams at acm.org
Mon Jan 17 18:50:25 EST 2011

Here's an example of a quickfill irritation.  I want to enter "Stop & Shop" as 
the description of a transaction.  So I type the S and then the T.  At that 
point it autofills with full caps and the name of a particular store in the 
chain, because that was in an imported transaction.  So how do I get that 
lowercase "t" in?  I tried backspacing over the fill and typing T again, but 
got the same result.  I also tried adding a space at the end and then 
backspacing -- same result.  I also tried S - space - T - backspace - T and 
again -- the same result.  What does work is typing a space, then the 
description I want, then Home, then Delete.   But that really seems like the 
long way 'round the barn.

Here's an enhancement that would solve this problem neatly: a hotkey that 
cancels quickfill just for the current transaction.  At that point either the 
new transaction should be remembered or the old one should persist.  Either 
design seems reasonable, although two distinct hotkeys would solve that 
problem entirely.  It is important that there be an actual key for this rather 
than a mouse action, since it would be desirable during input not to have to 
move your focus from the keyboard to the mouse and back again.

Another thought about the hotkey: the convention might be that an initial 
backspace in any field cancels quickfill for the rest of the transaction.  That 
would avoid needing a separate keybinding.

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