Another one unhappy with quickfill

Colin Scott gnucash at
Mon Jan 17 19:10:00 EST 2011

I fear that it will never be possible to satisfy everyone on how autofill should work.  I can live with what's there, though it does occasioanlly irritate.

I would be entirely happy if, once the autofilled txn appears, there was some quick choice for the user to :-

   *  Remove all splits
   *  Retain splits but clear the  value fields
   *  clear all fields to the right of the currently selected field.

I don't care if it's a fancy key combination or a right-button pop-up menu, or anything else, as long as it's quick!

One other thing:  when entering a new txn, once a value is entered on one side, a new balancing split automatically.  When amending an auto-filled simple txn, it would be nice if changing the value on the first split automatically changed the value of the second split as if the txn was being entered from new ...


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