Another one unhappy with quickfill

Glen Ditchfield gjditchfield at
Mon Jan 17 21:48:15 EST 2011

I find that the usefulness of autocompletion depends on the account.  In my 
checking account, autocompletion of the description and transfer account 
saves me a lot of typing.  Autocompletion of the amount is usually 
incorrect, because I set up scheduled transactions for the entries with 
predictable amounts (paychecks, phone bills, weekly ATM withdrawals).  
However, tabbing to the amount column and overtyping it is no big deal.

In my mutual fund accounts, autocompletion is rarely correct, because most 
transactions are the result of automatic rebalancing, and the transfer 
account and even the direction of the transfer are rarely the same twice in 
a row.  I usually forget to correct the autocompleted transfer account of at 
least one transaction after every rebalancing.  If I could turn off 
autocompletion on an account-by-account basis, I probably would have turned 
it off for these ones.

However, now that I think about it, I could probably fix this problem by 
using a more imaginative description for these transactions than just 
"Rebalancing".  If I used "fid123 from fid456" as the description, GnuCash 
would make better guesses.

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