Disable editing of transactions, is it possible?

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at mtdata.com
Mon Jan 17 22:28:04 EST 2011

Daniel Karlsson wrote:

>For GnuCash to comply with Swedish tax law editing transactions must not be
>allowed, instead a correction transaction must be entered. The reason being
>that all changes must be recorded. While researching the matter I found this
>Where German users request the same feature based on the same reasons,
>however I can't find out if it was ever implemented, if so how do I use? If
>not, should I file a enhancement request in bugzilla?
>/Daniel Karlsson
Sorry, but this is a case of the "authorities" not understanding what we 
computer people can do. The feature isn't offered because the developers 
know how easy to circumvent. You could try pointing out to any 
"authorities" that this is not unlike the old days when it was pen and 
ink on paper. HOW could they possibly know whether an entry had been 
altered? (you can't erase the ink, but you could copy the entire book 
except now that transaction different -- that would have been a lot of 
work with it all on paper but oh so easy with a computer).

This is a "work rules" issue. DON'T MAKE CORRECTIONS BY EDITING (enter 
correction transactions instead). But it can't be enforced by the 
software. Any software vendor that claims otherwise is not being 
completely truthful. Any open source software "vendors" would be out and 
out lying (now I don't care what security measures built into the code 
to prevent me from altering the data as those wouldn't prevent MY( very 
slightly altered) version of the program from doing the edit). And when 
you come down to it, breaking the tax laws by altering financial data a 
much more serious offense than doing likewise with the proprietary software.

Michael D Novack, FLMI
(who did a few hundred thousand lines of financial software in my day)

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