Disable editing of transactions, is it possible?

edodd at billiau.net edodd at billiau.net
Tue Jan 18 00:04:49 EST 2011

> Hi
> For GnuCash to comply with Swedish tax law editing transactions must not
> be
> allowed, instead a correction transaction must be entered. The reason
> being
> that all changes must be recorded.

Could you please explain the penalty for not upholding this impossible
To what level of business does this standard apply?

My country's law does not state how I will keep my books (personal or
private company). Some of my stuff is formally audited, but most is not.
The only time the government intervenes is if I get selected for audit, in
which case they want my books and my supporting documentation. More
emphasis is placed on the quality of the supporting documentation than on
the quality of the bookkeeping.

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