importing to multiple checking accounts

Larry Teeter teeteld at
Tue Jan 18 14:49:27 EST 2011

I am a new user trying to set up a file where I have multiple checking
accounts.  I want to be able to import transactions using qif files.  It
was easy to set up the first account and import the transactions.  When
I try to import to the others the program records the transactions in
the first account.  I have tried this several different ways, making
sure the qif files have unique names and 'closing' (what does that
mean?) checking accounts I am not trying to import into.  It's baffling,
but the transactions always wind up in the first account -- even if it
is closed.  I have viewed examples of account trees in the archives that
show this must be possible, but I can not figure it out.  Thanks for any

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