gnucash 2.4.0 slow windows startup

John Doppke John.Doppke at TRW.COM
Wed Jan 19 08:50:25 EST 2011

>>> On 1/14/2011 at 7:29 AM, Manfred Usselmann <usselmann.m at> wrote:
> I have the same issue on a notebook with Win XP Professional SP2. Are
> you using Win XP Prof. as well?
> This problem is a known issue. See 

Yes I'm using Win XP Pro SP3.

Is anyone working on this?  I've seen discussion in the past but it doesn't seem
to be a hot item.  

> Unfortunately it looks like nobody has been able to find the root cause
> so far.
Well gnucash.exe is looking for something on the network based on files in the root directory.
I'll bet if I install it in the root of it's own drive it will start much faster.

Did I read that running it on a thumb drive starts faster?


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