GnuCash Mac OS X issues: languages, splash screen

Kevin Reid kpreid at
Wed Jan 19 16:41:18 EST 2011

I just installed GnuCash 2.4.0 in place of 2.2.9, and it seems to have  
a new problem with language selection:

My Mac OS X language preference was set to the preference ordering  
(jbo, en, de, es, ...). When I launched GnuCash it displayed its text  
in German, rather than English. Further testing seems to indicate that  
whenever the first language listed is an unusual one (presumably one  
which GnuCash does not have a translation for), GnuCash picks the  
first available language in the list *other than English*.

For now, I can set my language preference to have English first, but I  
would appreciate this being fixed.


I installed 2.4.0 mainly to make sure I wasn't reporting old bugs in  
the following unrelated report.


The splash screen has two problems on Mac OS X:

Firstly, it should not exist. Most Mac OS X applications do not  
display splash screens. The icon bouncing in the dock serves as an  
"application loading" indicator, which does not distract from doing  
other tasks until the application is ready.

Secondly, the splash screen displays on top of all other windows even  
if GnuCash is not itself the frontmost application. This severely  
interferes with doing other tasks while GnuCash loads, and I see no  
reason it should not be changed even if the splash screen continues to  

I am aware that there is a “Show splash screen” preference. Therefore,  
I am requesting that:

   1. The application icon should remain bouncing until GnuCash has
      finished loading.

   2. The splash screen should be in the normal window layer rather than
      being in front.

   3. The splash screen preference should default to off on Mac OS X.


I will be happy to file bug reports for these issues; but I wanted to  
first check if they are already known somewhere or there are obvious- 
to-you considerations I haven't noticed.

Kevin Reid                                  <>

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