Transaction Report.

Colin Scott gnucash at
Sun Jan 23 20:42:00 EST 2011

I am trying to set up a system-wide transaction report.  So, I have selected the Transaction Report, and configured it as follows:-

        * Select all the accounts in the system
        * Display:  Date, Number, Desc, Account Name, Other Account Name
        * Amount: Double
        * Style: Multi-line
        * Primary Key:  Account Name
        * Primary Sort Order:  Ascending
        * Secondary Key:  Date
        * Secondary Sort Order:  Ascending
The report writer then dutifully produces a beautiful report showing all the splits on each transaction, much as it would appear in the general ledger. In short, it is *exactly* what I need, apart from just one little thing:  the report shows each txn N times, where N is the number of splits it contains!

This is, of course, perfectly correct behaviour.  However, it isn't actually terribly useful when all I want to produce is a report of the last week's/month's activity - effectively listing an extract of the general ledger.

Now, there are other built-in reports, but the General Journal report seems to be pretty non-configurable, and apparently includes all transactions since the system began, and the General Ledger report produces the same report as above.

So, is there some configuration option I have overlooked that will prevent all the txn repeats, or some other way of getting my desired result?


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