aqbanking/OFXDirectConnect info

Jeff Kletsky gnucash at
Mon Jan 24 12:36:43 EST 2011

On 01/23/2011 03:08 PM, Paul Abrahams wrote:
> I'm having some trouble in getting online banking to work for some sites
> (American Express credit cards in particular).  [...]

There's a lot of voodoo, unfortunately. With the demise of M$ Money, 
some of the info is becoming more avavailable, but getting things to 
actually connect and work is still a black art.

I have found that ForceSsl3 is often the incantation needed.

AMEX changed their OFX URL in 2010. Here is a version that has been 
working for me as a hint as to the settings you might use:

Working for me with (though you'lll have to adjust UIDs and all):


char provider="aqofxconnect"
int  uniqueId="12"
int  accountType="2"
char accountNumber="<my account>"
char accountName="AMEX"
char bankName="American Express Card"
char ownerName="Joint"
char country="US"
int  user="11"
int  selectedUser="11"

apps {
} #apps

provider {
} #provider

data {
   backend {
     int  maxPurposeLines="1"
     int  debitAllowed="0"
   } #backend
} #data


int  uniqueId="11"
char backendName="aqofxconnect"
char userName="<my user>"
char userId="<my id>"
char customerId="<my id>"
char country="US"
char bankCode="AMEX"
int  lastSessionId="0"

data {
   backend {
     char org="AMEX"
     char fid="3101"
     char serverType="https"
     int  serverPort="0"
     char flags="account_list", "statements", "emptyBankId", "forceSsl3"
   } #backend
} #data

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