Maf. King maf at
Wed Jan 26 10:57:42 EST 2011

On Wednesday 26 January 2011 01:30:04 Roger Connor wrote:
> When opening gnucash I get a pop-up that I haven't gotten before.  It says
> "open account options and turn off place holder check-box".  I can't find
> account options.  Can you help.  Thanks.     Roger        


Sounds like you have a tab which is auto-opening (or a scheduled transaction 
auto-running), which shows an account that you have designated as a 
placeholder-only account (ie you can't add transactions to it).

If you can identify the account in question, go to the account-tree view, 
select the account and hit "Edit" in the tool bar, or right-click on the 
account and chose "edit account", the placeholder check-box is on that 
dialogue box.

Or close the tab, or amend the SX to use a different account!


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