Guidance on a Year-To-Year Comparison Report

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Tue Jan 25 20:39:06 EST 2011

On Wed, 2010-12-15 at 19:56 -0800, David T. wrote:
> I am interested in having a two column report that would compare amounts for two comparable periods of time. This would allow me to compare my spending in those accounts over two comparable time periods. The report would allow you to select the accounts to compare, and specify established time periods for the two columns (for example, Year-to-Year, Consecutive Quarters, First Quarter, etc.). Additionally, it might allow specification of the starting year (e.g., entering 2008 would establish a report for 2008-2009).
> I'd give it a shot with the new reporting modules in 2.3.17, but need help even knowing where to start.

The scm file is income-statement.scm.  In the source tree, can be found
under src/reports/standard-reports.  

If you create an income statement, export it, then look at the html, you
will see that the overall report is 1 table, and then there are
sub-tables for the revenue/income and expense sections.  In the scm
file, these tables are inc-table and exp-table, respectively.  

You should look in src/reports/report-system/html-acct-table.scm for
info about the account-table type which has accounts/values.  You
essentially want 2 values associated with each account, one for each


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