message finance quote not correctly installed

Edzard de Vries Edzard at
Mon Jan 31 10:33:08 EST 2011

Dear users,

To me GnuCash seems an excellent piece of software, but... I have a problem I cannot solve.
Getting quotes for my shares on the internet seems to be impossible, the software always producing the message:
"finance quote not correctly installed".
I already downloaded the Perl software, but for some reason GnuCash cannot find Finance Quote.

I am not at all a software expert. Can somebody telle me clearly and in simple steps what I have to do in what order to get Finance Quote on the right place?
Maybe I have to carry out the installation procedure agian from the very beginneing (and first deinstall my actual version)?

I found a lot of advice on this topic in other messages, but I do not succed to get GnuCash properly working.
I use also Ace Money, and for that software getting the data from the internet is working properly.

Longing for your advice, Edzard.

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