tereque tereque at
Tue Jul 17 21:29:59 EDT 2012

>>> >>How do I cancel/delete the duplicated invoice, so that it doesn't show up in
>>> >>the reports.
> This is in the FAQ:

trying to understand ... why would you not let these items be deletable? 
what is the idea behind such a restriction?

As a total beginner and NOT being an accountant at all it would seem to 
me to be 'normal' behavior of any software the let users add stuff when 
needed and delete it when not needed (anymore). You might want to be 
able to not be messed up with INVOICES/BILLS that have no function or an 
employee who had maybe left (or you just had added for testing 
Specially as being a beginner who is trying to sort out how to work best 
you just 'create' such stuff to see what it is. If you can not get rid 
of it anymore it seems weird somehow and you might think that this is a 
software error.

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