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tereque <tereque at> writes:

>>>> >>How do I cancel/delete the duplicated invoice, so that it doesn't show up in
>>>> >>the reports.
>> This is in the FAQ:
> trying to understand ... why would you not let these items be
> deletable? what is the idea behind such a restriction?
> As a total beginner and NOT being an accountant at all it would seem
> to me to be 'normal' behavior of any software the let users add stuff
> when needed and delete it when not needed (anymore). You might want to
> be able to not be messed up with INVOICES/BILLS that have no function
> or an employee who had maybe left (or you just had added for testing
> functionality).
> Specially as being a beginner who is trying to sort out how to work
> best you just 'create' such stuff to see what it is. If you can not
> get rid of it anymore it seems weird somehow and you might think that
> this is a software error.

It's not implemented because the logic to determine that it's safe to do
is... hard.  There are so many interconnections between Invoices, Bills,
line-items, Tax Tables, etc that making sure it's safe to delete an
invoice without leaving dangling references was just ...  a lot of work.
Work that I personally didn't want to do, and nobody else has come along
with a way to do it securely.

Patches are, of course, always welcome.  But be warned, it's not a
simple task.  Which is why it was never implemented, and why we have the
"active" flag as a way to remove items from searches.

I'm sorry you don't like it.  You're welcome to help fix it.

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